By now you may be wondering, does she like every Bollywood she watches? I do tend to gush about SRK, Aamir, Saif Ali, Kajol, Madhuri, Preity, and Big B in conversations, but Bollywood has plenty of flops as well. I happened to waste 3 hours on one recently, Nazar. Back when I used to order loads of DVDs off ebay I got this one as a package deal. The other day I really wanted to watch something I had not seen and chose Nazar because nazar in Turkish is a talisman that ward off the evil eye (see photo below). While watching the film I learned that nazar in hindi is not exactly the same, but instead means Sight.

Nazar stars Ashmit Patel (who oddly looks like John Abraham to me and is the brother of Amisha Patel) as Inspector Rohan and Pakistani actress Meera as the singer/dancer Divya who gets the visions of murders taking place. The basic story was actually quite decent though not very original. Some one is going around murdering bar girls and Divya gets visions of it happening and tries to stop them with the help of the good-looking inspector. The potential was there, but it was not taken advantage of. There are a few things that really made this movie a flop in my books (as well as many other people’s I am sure).

Firstly, the acting was so very horrible by anyone’s standards. Meera spent the whole movie in hysterics (crying, screaming, and gasping for air) and it was like nails on a chalk board. I just wanted to reach through the screen and slap her till she calmed down. Also, there was no real chemistry between the two leads as can be seen in the video for the only song I liked in the movie, “Nazar Nazar“. Meera is way more into herself than Ashmit, and there is just something missing (not to mention how totally corny the scenes are in the video).

Secondly, the dialogue was laughable. One thing I love about Bollywood is that one look or gesture by a really good actor/actress can convey such a huge amount of meaning. In this film they felt had to spell, or I guess speak, everything out as if no one watching it would be able to understand without their help. My favorite part is when half way through the movie and countless visions later, the Inspector diagnoses Divya with ESP. Doh! Is that what she has? And then he goes on to say that “It is very common and happens all the time in our country.” Really? I learned something new about India today ;). I was laughing so hard at this point.

Lastly, there were strange side stories that could have been left out. The main one was that the Inspector Rohan was previously married but his wife was killed by a man named Tarak. He dropped her off a building and Rohan was too late. Tarak was caught and put in jail but supposedly escaped. Maybe they thought someone watching the movie might think he was the serial killer, but it never crossed my mind. You don’t hear about him again until the end of the movie when Rohan calls the jail and asks how Tarak escaped. They said he was killed, not on the run. No way! And that was that. I just have no idea what the point of that was. It did not lend to the story at all.

If you still plan to watch this film (after what I just wrote) then do not read ahead as I will tell the ending. The killer is actually the Inspector’s partner whose husband used to go out and sleep with bar girls. He got AIDS and gave it to her. He died of the disease and now she was going around killing bar girls to take her revenge. You kind of had a good idea about it halfway through, but there was one other character who could have also been the killer and he turned out to be psycho too.

Happy Bollywood watching to you all!